【FLOWERS INK TATTOO】 A tattoo studio in Shibuya/Meguro, Tokyo

FLOWERS INK TATTOO is a tattoo studio in Tokyo, where we are working with customers to create their truly original tattoo in the world.









One PointJPY 10,000 ~
Cigarette SizeJPY 20,000 ~
Postcard SizeJPY 30,000 ~
Time Charge for Large Design HORITOKIJPY 15,000(per hour)

Prices are for reference only. Actual prices will be provided once the design and size is determined after counseling. Please feel free to contact us for further details of prices.


HYGIENIC CONTROL In “FLOWER'S INK TATTOO,” tattoo operations are conducted under strict hygienic control. All the needles, ink and tattoo caps used in our operations are disposable, and other tattooing tools are sterilized in a high-pressure steam sterilizer (autoclave). The high-pressure steam sterilizer is a medical device which destroys bacteria and viruses by high temperature of 134 ℃ and high pressure of 200,000 Pa. In addition, we keep those tools in an ultraviolet storage cabinet. Sterile condition is always kept in the storage cabinet by the ultraviolet light from its germicidal lamp.


VISIT / RESERVE Please let us know about the design you are interested in and time and date of counseling. Visitors are also welcome. Please feel free to drop in to see the store. We have variety of catalogs and images. Once the design, operation date and other details are determined after counseling, reservation charge of JPY 5,000 must be paid in advance. If the price is JPY 30,000, JPY 25,000 should be paid on the day of operation, by deducting the reservation charge, JPY 5,000, from the price.


We will not provide tattoo operation services to any person under 18 years of age or any member of an organized crime group or the like. We will also not provide any services when you are drunk heavily or not in normal health, or if you do not have good manners. Never take alcohol on the day of, and the day before, operation. You need to have adequate sleep the night before to get enough rest. Please also make sure to have a meal before the operation. Please note that we cannot refund any reservation charge when the reservation is cancelled at the customer’s request. Thank you